Vern Gosdin Discography

Vern Gosdin Discography

Vern Gosdin released an impressive list of LPs, Cassettes, 8 tracks, B Sides, Duets, Cameos, CDs and MP3s and you can see it all here


Some albums are still being added periodically.

The Hillmen with Chris Hillman album cover The Hillmen "The Hillmen" (Together Records, 1963)
Gosdin made his way on to the scene with his brother Rex in the 60's. The harmonic twosome joined forces with the The Golden State Boys until they were joined by Chris Hilman (founder of The Byrds) when they would change their name to The Hillmen until his departure in 1964. Their only album titled The Hillmen is sweet for Gosdin enthusiasts. Featured Songs: Goin' Up, When The Ship Comes In, Copper Kettle The Hillmen, Back Road Fever, Barbara Allen, Blue Grass Chopper, Brown Mountain Light, Fair And Tender Ladies The Hillmen, Fare Thee Well, Prisoner's Plea The Hillmen (Buy Now)alt


Randy Boone "Ramblin' Randy" (Decca, 1965)
The Gosdin Brothers accompanied Boone on the album.


Gene Clark - Echos album coverGene Clark "Echos - With The Gosdin Brothers"
(Together Records, 1967)
An album created in 1996 with Gene Clark & the Gosdin Brothers (Vern & Rex.) Songs featured: Echoes, Think I'm Gonna Feel Better, Tried So Hard, Is Yours Is Mine, Keep on Pushin', I Found You, So You Say You Lost Your Baby, Elevator Operator, Same One, Couldn't Believe Her, Needing Someone, Tried So Hard, Elevator Operator, Only Colombe, French Girl, So You Say You Lost Your Baby, Is Yours Is Mine [Acoustic Demo].

Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers (Buy Now)alt
Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers [Vinyl] (Buy Now)alt

Sounds of Googbye album cover - Vern Gosden The Gosdin Brothers "The Sounds Of Goodbye"
(Bakersfield International/Capitol, 1967)
This timeless classic represents the Gosdin Brothers as a duo act with some incredible vocal harmonies, truly a great way to hear the talented twosome during the folk rock era. Songs featured:1. Sounds of Goodbye, Tell Me, There Must Be a Someone (I Can Turn To),Woman's Disgrace, Multiple Heartaches, Love at First Sight, Victim , Uncommitted Man, Catch the Wind, She's Gone, No Matter Where You Go (There You Are), Hangin' On, Wishing, Louisiana Man, I'll Live Today, For Us to Find, One Hundred Years from Now, Bowling Green, I'll Live With God (To Die No More) First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Sounds of Goodbye(buy now)alt

Till The End Of Time album coverVern Gosdin "Till The End" (Elektra, 1977)

In 1977 Vern cut loose with his first solo album. He had created his own signature sound and country fans loved it as they watched 4 songs make it to the charts. The album is a great collector's choice and made it to top 10 on country charts. Songs featured:1. Hangin' On, Mother Country Music, It Started All Over Again, Chokin' Kind, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Till the End, Yesterday's Gone, Woman (Sensuous Woman), Answers to My Questions, We Make Beautiful Music Together
Till the End (Buy Now)alt

Never My Love album coverVern Gosdin "Never My Love" (Elektra, 1978)
Songs featured:Never My Love, Catch the Wind, Anita You're Dreaming, When I Need You, I Sure Can Love You, Break My Mind, Forget Yesterday, Without You There's a Sadness in My Song, Lady She's Right, Something's Wrong in California

Never my love [Vinyl-LP] (Buy Now)alt

altYou've Got Somebody (Elektra 1979)Songs Featured: I've Got Somebody, All I Want and Need Forever, He Must Be Lovin' You Right, Rock I'm Leaning on, She's Gone, Shake Rattle and Roll, Sarah's Eyes, Took It Like a Man Cried Like a Baby, Till I'm Over Gettin' Over You, Fifteen Hundred Times a Day

You've Got Somebody/Till I'm Over Gettin Over You (Buy Now)alt

Today My World Slipped Away album coverVern Gosdin "Today My World Slipped Away"

(Compleat, 1984) Songs featured: Today My World Slipped Away, Too Long Gone, Your Bedroom Eyes, Just Give Me What You Think Is Fair, Ain't It Been Love, Dream of Me, She's Just a Place to Fall, Don't Ever Leave Me Again, If You Touch Me (You've Got to Love Me), When Love Was All We Had to Share

Today My World Slipped Away[vinyl] (Buy Now)alt

Too Far Gone album coverVern Gosdin "Too Far Gone" (Compleat, 1984)

Too Far Gone (Buy Now)alt[vinyl]

There is a Season album coverVern Gosdin "There Is A Season"
(Compleat/American Harvest, 1984)
A powerful album that revisits Vern's early days. His clear, soulful vocals accompanied by Roger McGuinn, Emmylou Harris, and others could bring emotion to anyone's heart. You'll enjoy song after song and discover why he was nicknamed "The Voice". Songs Featured: Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season), Love Me Right to the End, How Can I Believe You (When You'll Be Leavin' Me), Slow Healing Heart, I Can Tell by the Way You Dance (You're Gonna Love Me Tonight), What Would Your Memories Do, Slow Burnin' Memory, Dead from the Heart on Down, Stone Cold Heart.
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There Is A Season (Buy Now)alt

If Jesus Comes Tomorrow album cover Vern Gosdin "If Jesus Comes Tomorrow" (Compleat, 1984)
Vern loved to sing Gospel, he got his first starts at singing right next to his momma at church, this album is a great collection of songs that truly touched his heart.

If Jesus Comes Tomorrow (what Then)alt[vinyl] (Buy Now)

Chiseled in Stone Vern Gosdin album cover Vern Gosdin "Chisled In Stone" (Columbia/CBS, 1987)
This album has been considered to be one of the best country albums of all time. Again Vern demonstrates with his voice the way to tell a story that will leave you feeling something over and over again.

Chiseled in Stone (Buy Now)alt

Alone Vern Gosdin album coverVern Gosdin "Alone" (Columbia, 1989)
Vern always said that sometimes with great sorrow comes great understanding and went on to deliver a painful album depicting his truth and pain during his divorce. Some great songs on this album are "Right in the Wrong Direction," "I'm Only Going Crazy", "That Just About Does It" and "I'm Still Crazy",

Alone (Buy Now)alt

Rough Around The Edges album coverVern Gosdin "Rough Around The Edges" (RCA, 1989)
This album showcases Vern's passion for his ballads. Although he only gave the label 8 songs, he truly felt they were great and it was what his fans would want to hear.

Rough Around the Edges (Buy Now)alt

Out of My heart album cover Vern Gosdin "Out Of My Heart" (Columbia, 1991)

Out Of My Heart (Buy Now)alt

It's Not Over Gosdin album coverVern Gosdin "It's Not Over" (Delta)
This 1992 album features: Your Bedroom Eyes, When Love Was All We Had to Share, Loving You Is Music to My Mind, It's Not over (If I'm Not over You), Weekends Were Made for Cheatin', Rough Around the Edges, Cowboys Are Common as Sin, It's Beginning to Look Like the End, Lady, My Baby Sings the Blues, Too Long Gone, Love Is Like an Echo

It's Not Over (Buy Now)alt

Friday Night Feeling album coverVern Gosdin "Friday Night Feeling" (Delta) This 1992 album features: Damn the Fever, It Might Have Been, Rustin' Down, Too Far Gone to Find, Singer of Sad Songs, When Love Takes Over Your Life, Tonight I'm Feeling You All over Again, Friday Night Feeling, Just Give Me What You Think Is Fair, Ain't It Been Love, She's Just a Place to Fall, Don't Ever Leave Me

Friday Night Feeling (Buy Now)alt

Nickels and Dimes and Love album coverVern Gosdin "Nickels And Dimes And Love"
(Columbia, 1993)(Produced by Rick Hall)
Gosdin delivers a jam packed album with great country songs like "Bury Me In A Jukebox" and "Any Old Miracle."

Nickels & Dimes & Love (Buy Now)alt

The Gospel Album Vern Gosdin album cover Vern Gosdin "The Gospel Album" (Music Mill, 1995)
Re-release of his 1984 Gospel album

The Gospel Album (Buy Now)alt

If You're Gonna do me Wrong (Do it Right) album coverVern Gosdin "If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong" (American Harvest, 1996)

If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong Do It Right (Buy Now)

altVern Gosdin "Silver Eagle Cross Country Presents Vern Gosdin Live" (1997)
Silver Eagle Cross Country captures a live concert Vern Gosdin gave in Colmesneil, TX in 1983, some of the great songs you'll hear are "Way Down Deep", "Today My World Slipped Away," "Til the End" and "If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right)," making a great find for the die hard Gosdin fan.

Silver Eagle Cross Country Presents Live: Vern Gosdin (Buy Now)alt

24 Karat Heartache album coverVern Gosdin "24 Karat Heartache" (American Harvest, 1997)
This became Gosdin's second album in 1997 and his first for the American Harvest Recording Society hiring Ron Oates as co-producer together they created a truly traditional country album. You'll find something for every country music enthusiast here with great fast and slow songs to listen to. Recommended for the juke box.
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24 Karat Heartache (Buy Now)alt



The Voice album coverVern Gosdin "The Voice" (BTM, 1998)

The Voice (Buy Now)alt

Time Stood Still album coverVern Gosdin "Time Stood Still" (American Heritage, 1998)
A timeless album as Gosdin delivers another country music homerun of heartfelt stories. There is a truth to his vocals that digs down deep in you inner core and reminds us all that we are human. Play it over and over again. Read more.

Time Stood Still (Buy Now)alt

Back in The Swing of Things album coverVern Gosdin "Back In The Swing Of Things" (Goldrhyme, 2004)
This album marked the return of Gosdin to the scene after recovering from his stroke. Although the album reissues many of the songs found on his 1998 album "The Voice" he did go back into the studio to rework "How Can I Beleive You,(when you'll be leaving me). Another great album of traditional country delivered by a man who knew how to use his voice.(Songs found on the album - Back in the Swing of Things, Baby That's Cold, Streets of Gold, Chip off the Chip off the Old Block, When You'll be Leaving Me, Let's Don't and Say we Did, Fire in our Bedroom, We Must Have Been out of our Minds, Maybe Then I'll be over You, I know what it's like to be Alone, A Picture of Me without You, Would These Arms be in Your Way) Back in the Swing of Things (Buy Now)alt



The Best of album coverVern Gosdin "The Best of Vern Gosdin" (Elektra, 1979)

The Best of Vern Gosdin (Buy Now)alt
The Best of Vern Gosdin for Guitar Series (Buy Now)alt

Greatest HitsVern Gosdin "Vern Gosdin's Greatest Hits" (Compleat, 1986)

Vern Gosdin's Greatest Hits (Buy Now)

The Best of album coverVern Gosdin "The Best Of Vern Gosdin" (Warner, 1989)
The Best of is a reissue of classic Gosdin material from the late '70s.
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The Best of Vern Gosdin (Buy Now)alt

10 Years of album coverVern Gosdin "10 Years Of Hits" (Columbia, 1990)

10 Years of Greatest Hits: Newly Recorded (Buy Now)alt

treuly greatest hitsVern Gosdin "The Truly Great Hits Of Vern Gosdin"
(Compleat/American Harvest, 1994)

The Truly Great Hits (Buy Now)alt

Contains Country album coverVern Gosdin "Warning: Countains Country Music - The Great Ballads Of Vern Gosdin" (Compleat/American Harvest, 1994)

The Great Ballads of Vern Gosdin (Buy Now)alt

Super Hits album coverVern Gosdin "Super Hits" (Colombia, 1994)
A great collection Gosdin's hits while on Columbia Records in the late '80s, including all of his Top 10 and number ones "I'm Still Crazy" and "Set 'Em Up Joe."

Super Hits - Vern Gosdin (Buy Now)alt

Set 'Em Up Joe album coverVern Gosden "Set 'Em Up" (Sony, 1995)
10 songs selected as the best of covering some of Gosdin's great while with Sony.

Very Best album cover Vern Gosdon "The Very Best" (Music Mill, 2005)

Very Best of the Voice (Buy Now)alt

40 Years of The Voice album cover Vern Gosdin anthology Vern Gosdin "40 Years of The Voice(tm)" 101 songs anthology (40YRS)
This special collection was handpicked from Gosdin's favorite recordings, it illustrates his iconic 40 year career. Beginning with songs recorded in 1968 with his brother Rex all the way to some newly recorded songs in 2008. Everything has been digitally enhanced and re-mastered to help give fans a juke box like experience while listening to the various styles and eras.

Vern Gosdin - 40 Years of the Voice


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